Marquee Birthday Announcement

If you would like to announce your child’s birthday, please fill out the form below.  Make your check payable to CCSF-Cooper Middle School. To pay with credit card, fill out the additional credit card info form below. Please return the form to the school office or in your child’s backpack in an envelope clearly labeled “Cooper Foundation.” Checks and a completed form can also be mailed to the school address below:


Cooper Middle School Foundation
Attn: Treasurer
4605 Ewing Road
Austell, GA 30106

How would your child like to see his/her name on the school sign?


Well, for only $20 for one day you and your family can support Cooper Middle School Foundation and have your child’s name displayed on our marquee in front of the school! This fundraiser recognizes your child’s birthday and supports Cooper Middle School in raising money for our new Learning Commons. We greatly appreciate your donation!

Child’s Name: ______________________________________________________

(Can be first name only or first and last names. Please print clearly.)

Date to be displayed(first choice): ___________

Second choice: ____________

Parent/Guardian Name: _______________________________________________

(Please print.)

Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________________________

Phone Number: _____________________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________

Today’s Date: _______________________________________________________

(Please submit to the office with payment 7 days before display date.)

Please include $20 cash or check, made payable to CCSF – Cooper Middle School. Place payment along with this form in a white school payment envelope and turn in.